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Natural Herbal HRT

Powerful Relief from Menopause Symptoms

The Natural Alternative to HRT
Original and High Potency
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Healthwize Natural Alternative to HRT contains highest quality concentrated extracts of 6 key menopause herbs, providing powerful relief from ALL major symptoms of menopause. Natural Alternatives to HRT relieve symptoms without the side-effects and long-term risks associated with pharmaceutical HRT.
Which is for you, HRT Original or Extra? - See below

HRT Original (US Dollars)
HRT Extra (US Dollars)
HRT Original
HRT Extra

The actual COST PER MONTH is unchanged from the 3 + 1 month free deal
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Natural Herbal HRT

Within 30 days you will notice a significant reduction in menopause symptoms...

Hot Flushes   Night Sweats   Mood Swings
Irritability   Headaches   Sleep Disturbances
Tiredness   Vaginal Dryness   Loss of Libido
Negative Outlook   Depression and Anxiety
Maximum relief from symptoms within 90 days.

Contains ALL 6 Key Menopause Herbs

Red Clover Red Clover   Soy Isoflavones Soy Isoflavones   Black Cohosh Black Cohosh
Agnus Castus Agnus Castus   Wild Yam Wild Yam   Dong Quai Dong Quai
We use highest quality concentrated herbal extracts.

Both "Original" and "Extra" Natural Alternatives to HRT contain unique formulations of standardised herbal extracts, combining synergistically to provide you with a powerful natural alternative to conventional HRT.

All the key herbs for menopause are included. These herbal extracts contain an abundance of naturally occurring phytochemicals that will help your body to cope with the complex hormonal changes encountered during menopause.

Each herb is renowned for its ability to help menopausal symptoms. However it is the combination of superior standardised extracts of these key herbs in precisely balanced quantities that makes Healthwize Natural HRT such a powerful alternative to prescribed HRT.

Detailed Natural HRT Information

The following links give further detailed information about Natural HRT and menopause for first time buyers.

Menopause: Reasons To Go Herbal lists the reasons that more and more ladies are preferring to relieve menopause symptoms with natural herbs. Join the growing movement against the "medicalisation" of menopause by the large pharmaceutical companies.

The 6 Key Menopause Herbs explains the role of each of the 6 key herbs in relieving your menopause symptoms.

For a detailed comparison of our "Original" and "Extra" Natural Alternatives to HRT formulations please visit our Comparison of Alternatives to HRT Formulations page.

For detailed explanations of all matters menopause please refer to our Menopause: Questions and Answers page. If you have any questions that are not answered please email us and we will pass your questions to our nutritionist or chemist.


HRT Original or Extra ?

Both "Original" and "Extra" formulations contain concentrated extracts of ALL 6 main menopause herbs. Our "Extra" formula contains more of some of the herbs.

ALL first time customers should start with our HRT Original formula. This will be sufficient for the majority of women experiencing normal menopause symptoms. For those that want an extra boost after 90 days OR are suffering particularly badly we offer our "Extra" formulation.

For a detailed comparison of the two formulations please check our Comparison of HRT Formulations page.

Both formulations come in 1-a-day capsules which should be taken with water with a main meal. Both formulations are suitable for vegetarians.


How To Take Your Natural HRT:

Take one Natural HRT capsule per day with water when eating a meal.

Natural HRT is not suitable if pregnant or breast-feeding.

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"I stumbled across your web site on a desperate search for help.

Whilst in the throws of a hot flush I decided
to try your HRT.

I clicked and ordered, and wow I am so glad I did.

Within four to five days
all my symptoms had started to go and I mean all. I couldn't believe it!

I had to order another four months worth today.

This product has
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Hemel Hempstead

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