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Pure Marine Collagen

Types I & III targeting Skin and Complexion

What Collagen Can Do For You

Collagen Capsules - High Quality Bovine-Free
Marine Based Collagen in Veggie Capsules.

How Collagen Works

Previously collagen could not be produced in a form that could pass directly through the intestine wall and into the blood-stream intact and the only way was by injection. The problem with collagen injections is that they are only effective locally around the site of the injection, just plumping up the skin, and are very expensive.

Now that collagen has been produced in a form that can pass directly into the blood-stream intact, a whole new anti-ageing system has become available to everyone.

Once we pass our late 20's our body's have less collagen than they could use and a slow decline starts, but by ingesting Hydrolysat Collagen into the blood-stream, we are changing that situation.

Suprisingly, the presence of the collagen that you have ingested also stimulates the body's own collagen production.

What Happens

During the first few hours of sleep we go into what is called the Alpha Sleep phase of the brains sleep cycle. During this cycle the brain's pituitary gland (a vital part of the endocrine system) releases hormones into the blood-stream and we go into the rejuvenate, repair & replace mode (the collagen being the essential part of protein synthesis).

Having the correct hormones and Collagen available, the body can synthesize all the protein it needs, not only to do the "essential to staying alive" repair & renewal work, but also less essential repair & renewal like re-building the skin, strengthening ligaments, cartilage and bone, normalizing the immune system.

In other words, the body begins to try and do all of the things that took place when we were a young and growing person.

Collagen is simply an amazing food supplement
that helps the body's repair & renewal systems
to work more effectively

Collagen to Fight Ageing

Collagen is a powerful long-term anti-ageing protein. It improves the skin's elasticity and suppleness, reducing lines and wrinkles. Taken in capsule form, collagen produces a firmer, more even toned skin and helps to achieve a glowing radiant & more youthful complexion.

Without enough collagen only life maintaining repairs can take place. Less essential repairs are not done. As we become older even essential repairs have to be neglected. This is the disease we call ageing.
Your skin should feel smoother over the first few weeks, gradually
becoming firmer. The lines & wrinkles in the eye area will
begin to diminish and the lip border area start to fill out.

Without enough collagen your skin & body is old, whatever your age! No Anti-Ageing system can be effective without an adequate supply of body collagen.

Your body does not get collagen from food, it has to make it. By ingesting collagen (not digesting as food), your body lifts its own collagen production to that of a younger person.

Please make sure you read How to Take Your Collagen.

Weight Loss & Reducing Body Fat

Collagen, taken orally, can help the body metabolise fat, it therefore has a roll to play in both weight management and the production of lean body mass in both sports and body-building.

Taking collagen capsules causes the body to burn fat.

Collagen is used in protein synthesis with the body's energy source, fat, to produce the necessary proteins that the body needs to repair muscles, ligaments, tendons etc.

Taking collagen orally, you can stimulate your body's own collagen production.

Almost all the body's renewal and repair takes place during the first two hours of sleep.

The overall effect of the increased fat metabolisation due to the increased renewal & repair activity is a decrease in body fat.

Please make sure you read How to Take Your Collagen.

Anti-Inflammatory, Pain Relief, Joint Health

Collagen has been shown to reduce damage to joints and stimulate significant reductions in joint pain, tenderness and swelling.

A Harvard Medical School study on the effects of orally administered collagen for reducing inflammation and relieving pain (Dr C Searling, Fresco CA.) proved conclusively that almost 90% of those taking part had remarkable results - resulting in a changed life-style for many.

Collagen can reduce oxidative damage to joints and stimulate reductions in joint-pain, tenderness and swelling.

Collagen naturally stabilizes the body's immune system and helps neutralize the production of abnormal molecular structures known to be a major cause of joint misery and stiffness, especially in rheumatoid arthritis.

Collagen naturally consists of 15% glucosamine and 15% chondroitin sulphate - two substances renowned for their beneficial anti-inflammatory properties.

It functions as a chondro-protective agent and protects cartilage and synovial fluid against deterioration.

Collagen can bring real relief from pain by directly combating ageing tissue and arthritis by aiding normal repair of ligaments, tendons joints and bones while improving the connective tissue of the skin.

Please make sure you read How to Take Your Collagen.

Pure Marine Collagen

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Pure Marine Collagen Types I and III targeting Skin and Complexion
Without enough collagen your skin & body are old, whatever your age!
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